For the love of home made Pizzas, hand drawn paintings, tailor made suits and everything else with stunning craftsmanship, Adorsi is the new kid on the block with something more original to offer than everyone else.


The reason why you would rather happily cook a delicious meal for your loved ones than just order something  is the same reason why we carefully handcraft the shoes we offer to you rather than just mass produce it by bored production line workers. Yes, the process of making a pair of ADORSI is strenuously thorough and demands skilled manual labour but it is also a unique self expression of how each involved shoe artist aims at handcrafting footwear that redefines precision and ever-perfected craftsmanship.

We humbly acknowledge that Adorsi is not the only shoe brand to offer handcrafted shoes made by true artists; there are a number of prominent brands who partner with shoemakers from Italy, Spain & Portugal.  Yet, everything else about the Adorsi experience is profoundly different. Allow us to take you on an awe-inducing journey to confidently realize that when you buy a pair of Adorsi, you are soundly investing and getting a much higher return on investment in the form of comfort, style, and quality-induced durability.  

The materials:

Adorsi’s leather & suede shoes are made from well-nutritioned cows raised primarily for supplying dense, high quality leather for crafting durable shoes. We closely investigate the samples we receive with the help of our shoe artists to make sure we’re crafting a shoe on solid basis.

The outsole:

Just as cheap tires can ruin a luxury car’s performance, a shoe’s outsole, the layer that intimately contacts the ground, is a critical component to a given shoe’s performance. Adorsi’s outsole are pioneered to ensure full grip, durability and utter water resistance so you won’t magically glide each time you come across a slippery surface!

The insole:  

If tires’ quality is significant to a car’s performance, the actual car seat that affects the comfort of your driving experience is equally significant. The insole, which is the layer that sits inside the shoe beneath your feet, is a further reinforcement to the Adorsi experience.

Each pair of Adorsi is equipped with a soft padded insole that allows for many hours of irritation and discomfort free footwear. This is one powerful element that drives our confidence in what Adorsi can deliver.

The shoe construction method:

We follow a precise shoe construction method called ‘’ blake stitching ‘’ that induces shoe flexibility, resoling, and extremely good looks.

Colors, Patterns  & Styles:

Our current men’s casual & classic range is limited yet diverse enough to account for different tastes, needs and seasons. We were keen on starting small to give Adorsi a better chance to understand what customers are most attracted to then enlarge the collection in a data driven manner.

In the aggressively competitive world of top tier shoe brands, we realize that it takes more than cutting edge craftsmanship to stay alive in a customer’s mind. Many brands wither tragically as business cease to pour fresh water into the brand’s parched soil. That is specifically why we stride the extra mile in aspects that are overlooked by many.

We invest resources into constantly travelling to visit our shoemakers and tip the scale to human to human communication than to robotic, text communication. We also dive into nitty gritty details about shoe making history, innovations and even downfalls to enable two way communication in our partners’ meetings, and go far to suggesting design enhancements (if we are travelling, we should make the best business use of the opportunity then!).

While you might think that this do not have a direct, tangible effect on the kind of shoe you buy, it definitely infuses the craftsmanship with passion and sharper attention to details, because each member involved in the making of Adorsi is a proud and appreciated member, synced with the sole, unchanging goal of providing a memorable footwear experience. That all makes sense to us because being in the business of handcrafting footwear requires mastery of the art of managing the human, working resource that carries equal significance to the country of origin and elements used in the making.