This is the story of the mood altering shoe comfort like no other.

A big hello to you! My name is Adham Morsi, Adorsi’s proud founder, and I am passionately writing this because nothing delights me more than the joy I see on a customer’s face after giving Adorsi a try! I feel like a chef who is pleasantly eying his guests indulging in his heartily created desserts.

Simply, I am a guy obsessed with experiencing everything I come across on the basis of quality; I closely investigate everything I buy; I delicately run my fingers against the material, meticulously check the country of origin, zoom my eyes on the finishing,  and spend enough time to make sure that what I am about to buy will be a satisfactory addition to my belongings. I have a distaste for cheap feeling products!

And on the grounds of my solid appreciation for quality, I have always had a sincere desire to create a shoe brand that stands out from all the available brands in the market. It confused me as to why quality always comes with a jaw dropping price tag that it is confined strictly to certain people.

International brands teaches us that you have to have a lengthy credit card statement to dress well enough!

So I decided to kiss my loved ones goodbye for a while, and fly to the world’s finest shoemaking destinations after thoughtful research. My primary goal was and still is to deliver skillfully handcrafted shoes with the decency of a people-based brand that has no unjustified interest in adding excessive profit margins (well, just enough to make a decent to comfortable living).  

I first flew to Spain, and had the chance to visit the beautiful Museo Del Calzado (Shoe museum) that amazingly documents the history of shoemaking in Alicante, the very same town in which I met the shoemaking artists I immediately clicked with; beautiful, talented artists that amazed with how they spoke proudly of their craftsmanship.  

Shoemaking for them is a dearly desired profession; a skill that they refined to perfection, passing it from one generation to another. Our mutual intention on starting out a partnership inspired real confidence in the kind of breakthrough Adorsi can create. I spent some extra time in Spain, enjoying the mouthwatering cuisines and sunny beaches, then flew to guimaraes, Portugal.

During my research, I’ve come to know that Portugal’s economy is gaining traction mainly due to the rising shoemaking sector that manufactures for some of the world’s well known retailers with comparable quality to top luxury manufacturers like France & Italy at a significantly lower cost. Specifically in Guimaraes, I met my passionate partners that exhibited stunning craftsmanship similar to that of Spain.


I skillfully negotiated with the help of my business consultant to reach competitive prices without compromising quality. I hashed out every micro detail from the materials to the colors, patterns, outsoles & lasts. It was a strenuous, nerve straining process that took longer than I thought but it was worth it!

Now, after grinding tooth and nail, I am proudly offering a signature collection of classic & casual men’s shoes that I intend on further expanding shortly, proudly delivered across All of UAE with no middlemen, & ready to wow first time customers into a memorable footwear experience.

So, I am encouraging you to open your mind to the Adorsi experience, and have a taste of what real, high end comfort feels like. I promise you’re going to grow fond of it!