Customize. Design. Create.

With our easy-to-use 3D shoe design tool, you can create a one-of-a-kind pair of loafers that perfectly reflect your style.
First choose & click on your loafer last you prefer , we have two options Zurigo Last which features a round toe for a classic english look. The Zurigo last is a perfect choice for either a casual look or a more contemporary shape to wear with formal clothes and The Monti Last With it's long elegant vamp finishing with a soft chisel toe profile it is just as suited for all occasions.
Then Choose from a variety of materials ,colors and outsoles to get started!
The Last Guide

The last comes first. It is the starting point on the development of a shoe and from our point of view, the soul of it. We consider the last, the foundation of any of our shoes, one of the most important parts in the shoemaking process. All our lasts are carefully studied, designed & tested in house by our skill full last maker.

The 'last' is the mould used to produce the shoes on, the one that gives the shoe its final shape, as seen when finished.