Navy Calf Leather Tassel Loafer
Navy Calf Leather Tassel Loafer
Navy Calf Leather Tassel Loafer
Navy Calf Leather Tassel Loafer
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Navy Calf Leather Tassel Loafer

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Step into a realm where classic design meets modern vibrancy with our "Nautical Elegance" Tassel Loafers. The uppers, crafted from a luxurious Navy Blue Box Calf, evoke the deep hues of the ocean, providing a serene yet commanding presence.

Encased within is the brown calf leather lining, a hidden treasure that envelops your feet in comfort, making every step feel like a gentle wave. The loafers' sole is a bold statement in itself – a striking red hand-painted leather that captures the essence of nautical adventure and passion.

Complementing the fiery soul of these loafers is the black outsole, offering a sleek finish and grounding the design. The city-black welt follows the contours of the shoe, adding a layer of sophistication and ensuring a sturdy bond between the uppers and the sole.

Structured on a last featuring a rounded toe, these loafers blend the timeless charm of the tassel design with a fresh, modern silhouette. Employing Goodyear Welt construction not only speaks to their durability but also allows for future resoling, ensuring these "Nautical Elegance" Tassel Loafers can accompany you on many journeys.

Embrace the "Nautical Elegance" Tassel Loafers – a beacon of style for the modern voyager who values tradition, yet sails towards the horizon of contemporary fashion.

You have the option to order this pair as originally designed or customize them to match your unique style.

Note: Our Quick Custom Ready To Wear Selection ensures delivery in as little as 2 weeks!

Product Details

Uppers: Navy Blue Box Calf

Lining: Brown Calf Leather

Sole: Red Hand Painted Leather

Outsole: Black

Welt: City-Black

Last: Featuring a Rounded Toe

Construction: Goodyear Welt

Customize this design

Certainly! The "Nautical Elegance" Tassel Loafers offer a sea of customization possibilities, allowing you to steer the helm of your style. Whether you wish to adjust the shade of the navy uppers, choose a different lining, or make a bold statement with a uniquely colored sole, our bespoke service is dedicated to fulfilling your sartorial wishes. Our skilled craftsmen are ready to navigate the details of your preferences, ensuring that your loafers are not just a pair of shoes, but a personalized journey of style and comfort. Set sail with a pair that's distinctly yours.

Free remake guarantee 

All of our loafers are covered by our Free Remake Guarantee: Should you not be satisfied with the fit of your first order, we’ll make you a new one, free of charge.

Made to order 

Made to order is a process where items are not produced until a customer has placed an order for that item. Made to order reduces inventory waste, as items are only produced when they have been sold. This also ensures that the items are perfectly fitted to the customer, as opposed to mass-produced items which may not fit as well. Made to order also allows for traceability throughout the whole chain, as each step can be tracked and monitored. This results in a higher quality product, as any issues can be quickly identified and rectified. Overall, made to order is a superior solution that achieves zero inventory waste and produces higher quality products to get your loafers perfectly fitted to you and only you.


Dive into the world of bespoke elegance with our "Nautical Elegance" Tassel Loafers, where personalization meets prompt craftsmanship.

Embrace the luxury of custom-made footwear with an expedited 2-week journey from conception to completion. Our skilled artisans work diligently, ensuring your tailored loafers are crafted with precision and care, without compromising on quality.

Experience the fusion of swift artisanal service and personalized style, and step into your unique pair in just two weeks.

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