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Falabella fringe with tassel loafer is noted for its prowess and graceful construction. The rounded toe-cap, lux brown suede and leather sole make for a sensible style. This laceless shoe makes a statement for luxurious comfort.  

Product Details

Piping : Painted Calf Dark Brown

Lining : Orange Color

Base : Lux Suede Med Brown

Outsole : Leather Black

Outsole Bottom Color : Cognac

Welt : Dress Welt Black

Tassels  : Painted Calf Dark Brown

Fringe : Lux Suede Med Brown

Last : Zurigo

Customize this design

The Falabella loafers are from our bespoke loafers collection and can be customized in a range of stylish suedes. 

Customize the Falabella design and choose from a selection of custom options. Go for a bare design, tassels or even a dapper horsebit

If you would prefer a sharper toe-shape then check-out the Berber signature loafer which is unstructured but produced with a more chiselled toe. 

You may also wish to view the full range of loafers shoes to find examples in special leathers and outsoles .

Free remake guarantee 

All of our loafers are covered by our Free Remake Guarantee: Should you not be satisfied with the fit of your first order, we’ll make you a new one, free of charge.

Made to order 

Made to order is a process where items are not produced until a customer has placed an order for that item. Made to order reduces inventory waste, as items are only produced when they have been sold. This also ensures that the items are perfectly fitted to the customer, as opposed to mass-produced items which may not fit as well. Made to order also allows for traceability throughout the whole chain, as each step can be tracked and monitored. This results in a higher quality product, as any issues can be quickly identified and rectified. Overall, made to order is a superior solution that achieves zero inventory waste and produces higher quality products to get your loafers perfectly fitted to you and only you.


Enjoy free shipping on all Adorsi orders.

Production time: Made to order typically delivers within 4 weeks.

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Blake Stitched By Hand

Full Calf Lined Interior

What is MTO Standard Production?

Made-to-Order shoes are entirely produced on demand, strictly following your design instructions. After a purchase is made, the shoes begin their production journey. From material hand cutting, to the sole being stitched to the upper. Every part of the shoe is individually produced and assembled just for your order. It takes our artisans between 3 and 6 weeks to produce a pair of Made-to-Order shoes. Please, remember this when placing your order.

Calf Suede: soft, splendid, unique.

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Entirely cut by hand

Customize. Design. Create.


Proudly Handcrafted in Almansa, Spain

Our main factory is located in Almansa, a small village in the heart of La Mancha, Spain, known for its traditional shoemaking and leather working history. Here in Almansa, things happen at a different scale and pace to the rest of the world. We work to the natural pace of human labour, with the same team overseeing the same pair of shoes from start to finish.